Why we are the best

Zuca has always focussed on delivering end-user products. This means we have always been ready to extend our tie ups to come up with better products. So we have joined hands with numerous, well-established brands to produce the best in class bags the world has ever seen. This opens a way for development efforts and has incorporated consumer input as well as relationships with the leading brands in multiple markets to spur innovation.  Over the years, we have broadened our product offerings and capabilities to support the needs of customers worldwide.

Initially, these bags were used to help children carry their books to their classes without having to hurt their backs. Later it went onto be used by kids and adults to meet their roller skating needs. That’s when we understood the need of our customers- they are in search of products that are reliable to a great extent. With sturdy wheels and a built-in seat, Zuca bags was granted a patent for its exclusive exoskeleton “framed” bags in 2004. Soon, these Zuca Sports bags became popular with students, ice skaters, and beauty stylists all over the world.

A walk through the past: Notable achievements till date

In early 2007, Zuca launched its first product specifically designed for travelling needs based on feedbacks and requests we received from our customers. This pro model went on to become one of our best selling products ever which made us realize that our customers are in constant search for innovative products.

In 2008, Zuca bags were resold by Riedell USA. Thus by joining hands with them, we were able to distribute and familiarize our products through their ice skating and roller derby markets.

In 2009, MAC cosmetics took notice, soon after which zuca was developing and shipping custom units for their specific needs. This turned out be an icebreaker for us. By joining hands and working side by side with professional make-up artists and international brands, we were able todemonstrate our unique ability to identify specific user requirements and then develop products that satisfied the soaring needs of our customers.

In the healthcare sector, Banyan reached out to Zuca to come up with a new roller bag that has the potential to meet the needs of an emergency response cart for doctors’ offices. Developed around the Zuca Pro platform, this co-branded product was launched into the marketplace by Banyan and their sister’s company Health First in 2010. This remains one of our notable achievements till date. Soon, we were working on developing the Mobile Aid bag for Life Secure to serve the consumer first aid markets.

In late 2013, we also found us developing custom made bags for the Moon Bay Disc Golf Company. Later, we started developing bags for almost all sports to satisfy our widening customer needs.

Over the years, all our products have gained recognition and popularity in the global market making us the most sought after travel/sports bag in the world. This is the reason why our bags and carts are now rolling under 40+ brands around the world. So when we tell you we are the best, trust us, as all we do is continue to deliver promising products to satisfy your needs.