How to Save on Your Entire Family’s Summer Wardrobe

Summer gives you and your family more time to explore, learn, and discover together. Use your children’s free time, and your vacation days, to make this summer an unforgettable one.

We know the wonders of summer often become costly. You want to do it all but still maintain your budget. One way to eliminate some of those expenses is by saving on your family’s wardrobe.

You often don’t need to go shopping every year, but as your children rapidly outgrow their clothing, you need to develop a shopping game plan. Here are some tips to save on all the clothing that you’ll need this summer.


Shop for swimwear essentials during fall. Most major retailers reduce swimsuits by 25% to 85% during the start of fall. Buy a well-constructed bathing suit to ensure that it lasts for more than one summer. If necessary, spend a little bit extra on a swimsuit to make sure that it holds together for years.

Try to find swim trunks and suits that have a classic design. Avoid buying swimwear with your child’s latest fad obsession on it. You want one that either stretches or is a size or two bigger than your child’s current size, this accommodates for next year’s growth spur.

Sports Gear

Plan sport activities prior to shopping. Know what sports your child might be playing this summer, either on a team or for recreation. Additionally, if you plan to take a family vacation, know the outdoor activities that you plan to do.

Write a list of any gear or outfits you’ll need. Shop at stores like Columbia that caters to a wide range of sports and outdoor activities. Start by printing or saving Groupon coupon codes to apply to your purchases. Then check the clearance section for gear before moving throughout the store.

Concert Wear

Avoid buying your teens new outfits for every concert. Instead, help them accessorize and reinvent old outfits. Buy cheap costume jewelry from specialty accessory stores such as Claire’s and Icings. Also, remember to search the jewelry clearance section every time you visit a new store. Many stores sell jewelry for a dollar or less, which can lead to many cheap great finds.

If you must add to your family’s concert wear, buy the basics. Buy some basic t-shirts and jeans from department stores. For festival wear, search through thrift stores to find vintage band t-shirts, 70s-inspired sunglasses, vests, and so on.

Casual Wear

Repurpose your clothes along with doing the usual thrift store hunting, clearance shopping, and using coupons. Find clothing that may be coming apart, and then use the fabric to create new items.

Turn an old t-shirt into a purse or a scarf. Cut your torn jeans into shorts. Lose the sleeves of a faded jacket and turn it into a vest. You can find endless amounts of repurposing ideas with a little research.


Most summer shoes, such as sandals, flip-flops, and wedges, are only get worn a few times a year. Therefore, avoid buying $100 sandals and buy a few pair at shoe discount stores, such as Payless and Famous Footwear.

Make sure to signup for deals and discount alerts to catch annual Buy One Get One Free sales. For shoes that have versatility, such as flats, invest a little more by buying a quality pair, because it’ll get more usage.