How to Buy Your Prescription Glasses Online

It’s not uncommon to need prescription glasses in order for you to see clearly. Unfortunately, going to the eye doctor’s office can be daunting and expensive. It’s not uncommon to pay hundreds or even thousands on just one pair of glasses. Because of the hefty price tag, a lot of lens wearers are choosing to do their shopping online. This benefits them by allowing them to save money and have a greater selection of frames to choose from.

Getting the Prescription

Before you can order glasses online, you’ll need a prescription from your eye doctor that is valid and current. If the prescription is expired, you’ll likely be turned down your new glasses and will have to make a trip for an eye exam anyway. Along with a prescription, you’ll need measurements of your face and head that the optometrist’s office can do for you. These offices legally have to do these measurements for you even if you are not planning to shop there for glasses.

Choosing a Vendor

Once you’ve gone to see the eye doctor, you’ll need to find a vendor selling great quality eye wear to fit your needs. You’ll want to look for a vendor that sells both quality items at affordable prices. You can read reviews on the site you’re looking to choose for your glasses and see what customers have been saying. It can be difficult to find a good vendor in a sea of competition, but it’s crucial when it comes to having a comfortable pair of glasses to wear.

Details About Ordering

The ordering process is not instant like some of your other online purchases have been. For example, it could take several hours or a few days for the company you’re ordering from to verify your prescription and make the glasses for you. Because each order is custom made to fit you, you’ll have a wait time like you would at the eye doctor. Once the glasses are finished being crafted, they’ll be shipped directly to your home.

Buying Reading Glasses

You can also find reading glasses for men and women online as well. These items don’t often need a prescription or fitting, so you’ll instantly be able to order them and have them shipped to your home. These reading glasses are ideal for all magnifications, allowing you to read easier at home and while away.

Placing the Order and Having it Shipped

Once you’ve found the glasses you like and have the order placed, you’ll receive a confirmation once your prescription has been verified and your glasses have been crafted. From there, they’ll be shipped discreetly to your front door and can be worn each and every day in order for you to have perfect vision. This is a much easier way of doing things and allows you to save a lot of money on glasses that you would otherwise have had to pay a small fortune just to buy.


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