Various Types of Diamond Rings for Your Engagement Ceremony

An engagement ring lets everyone know that the person wearing it is about to get married. There are various shapes of diamonds from which you can pick one to make your engagement ring as per your taste and style statement.

In some of the countries, an engagement ring is worn by ladies and such reasons may feature ruby, diamond and other gemstones. In some cultures, engagement ring is considered to be the wedding ring while in other countries wedding ring is different from an engagement ring. Traditionally, an engagement ring is worn in the finger of left hand although customs in this respect vary across countries around the world.

Diamond Options for Engagement Rings

While selecting diamond rings for women it’s important to pay attention to the shape of diamond. Following are some types of diamonds from which you can choose one for your engagement ring.

  • Round Diamonds

Round diamond is one of the most popular picks for engagement rings. Round diamonds for engagement rings represent about 75% of the total purchases. It’s important that before buying a diamond engagement ring, you check prices on the internet. In case, your budget doesn’t allow you to go for a diamond ring, you can choose from gold rings.

  • Princess Cut Diamonds

This shape of diamond was originally formed in year 1980. Just like round diamonds, these diamonds are a good pick for engagement rings. Additionally, if you’re worried about high diamond ring price, this diamond shape is for you. These diamonds cost lesser per carat and are therefore an economical yet stylish choice for engagement rings.

The reason for lesser price is that the princess cut diamonds has pyramid shape, which is about half the round shaped diamond.

  • Oval Diamond

Oval cut diamond has an additional benefit over round diamonds that these diamonds give an illusion of larger size and make the wearer’s finger appear longer and slimmer.

  • Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamond has football like shape and is long and narrow which gives an illusion of larger size. This diamond is a must pick for you in if you want to maximise the perceived diamond size. Just like an oval shaped diamond, this one also has an extended shape which makes wearer’s finger look longer and slimmer than usual.

  • Pear Shaped Diamonds

A pear shape diamond is a blend of round and marquise shape having a declining point at its end. An excellent evenness needs to be maintained in a pear shape cut diamond. The shoulders and wings of this diamond need to have uniform and symmetrical curves.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds have a combination of square cut along with a rounded corner. This cut has been in ritual since past 2 centuries and since its introduction it has gained popularity among people and nowadays it is widely used in engagement rings.


Hope this guide will give you a clear overview on the diamonds which you can choose for your engagement rings.