Easy Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

Online shopping has made finding a bargain far easier than it used to be. Comparison sites, search engines, auction sites and social media mean you’re far more likely to find a good price for the product you’re looking for, without you having to spend hours visiting different shops on the high street.

Despite this though, it’s still possible to save even more, with a couple of quick and incredibly easy steps. In this post we’ll show you three ways to save money on your next online purchase, without putting in a ton of effort:

  1. Abandon your shopping cart

If you don’t need the item you’re looking for straight away, try adding it to your basket and then not completing the purchase on your favourite site (or even on more than one site). In many cases, retailers will track this and will email you with a discount code, free shipping or other special offer in an attempt to get you to come back and make the purchase. I used this recently buying a new pair of Oliver Peoples glasses – after abandoning the shopping cart the retailer emailed me with an offer of 10% discount and free shipping for my first order with them, not a bad saving!

  1. Compare private and non-private browsing

There’s a growing trend with online retailers for personalized pricing – that is you may get a different price compared to someone else, based on what the retailer knows about you, whether you’ve been to the site before and what they think you will be willing to pay for any given item. This is especially common when you’re booking flights, but it’s beginning to spread to other industries as retailers try to take advantage of new technology and pricing strategies. So the next time you’re looking at something, just try having another look via private browsing, or through a proxy server, and see if the price is any different before you make the purchase.

  1. Discount codes

To a seasoned online shopper this will seem like an obvious suggestion, but it’s amazing how many people buy online without having a look for a discount code first. When you’re checking out, if the retailer has a box for ‘promo code’, then there’s an excellent chance that there are a few discount codes available. Whether it’s for a discount, free shipping or a free item, all it takes is a quick search on Google and you could get a slightly better deal on your next online shop.

So that’s it for our 3 easy ways to save money, but it’s worth making a bonus suggestion, and that’s simply to Google whatever it is you’re buying. Just because you think you’ve found a decent price, doesn’t mean it’s not available somewhere else cheaper. Just before you buy something, Google the product name and see if you can get it cheaper somewhere else – you might be surprised how much you can save!